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Artist and small business owner Erin Vaughan resides in Los Angeles, California. She sells her nature-inspired illustrations in her Etsy shop, a number of brick and mortar shops across the U.S., and at festivals and pop-up shops in Los Angeles throughout the year.

Erin's deep love of the outdoors translates into her vivid and detailed illustrations. For her, painting is a way of exploring memory and recapturing it through the particular language of her hand. It is also a way of preserving the landscape in painted form; giving opportunities for others to experience everything from regional flora to U.S. National Parks. Her work takes many forms including art prints, calendars, custom illustrations, and other products.

Alongside her illustration business, Erin is also available for custom/ freelance projects. She works closely with clients to develop pieces well-tailored to their desires. Her freelance work has spanned over categories such as custom original paintings, branding, stationary and editorial illustration. 

Music, coffee, and her dog Maddy are Erin's faithful studio companions. 

When she’s not in the studio, Erin gathers much of her inspiration from time spent on the road, camping and hiking.